Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Our backup donors sent in their notarized agreements this past weekend! I had a endometrial scratching on friday and my baseline US and Labs on monday and was cleared to start taking the Estrace to build my lining. Our travel is booked and I am so ready to meet our little embryos and hope and pray that this third time will work for us since NEDC only allows you to try three times in their program. We would love for this to work and then be able to add a full sibling to our family in a couple of years. I am also excited since several of the ladies in our embryo adoption support group have transfers on the 20th and the 21st and we are all going to try to get together for dinner or desert. We leave in less than two weeks and our transfer is two week from tomorrow. It is coming up so quick!! Please pray for us and our embryos that they will stick and grow for 9 months into a healthy baby. Our daughter has such a hard time seeing everyone else with siblings and wonders and does not understand why she does not have siblings that live with her. I can only tell her we are trying baby, we are trying. after a failed domestic adoption for a brother that we involved her in and these past 2 failed transfer that we did not (to spare her little heart) we just Know God will hear our prayers and guide us to building our family here on this earth.

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