Monday, February 24, 2014

ODA's Notarized and Main Donor Notarized Completely

So we have been waiting nervously for our donors to notarize and send in their ODA's and our main donor did today!! So NEDC will let us proceed with our transfer in March. I was really starting to get nervous since I started my Lupron shots last Friday and I have my Endometrial biopsy this friday. So now we are good to go. Flights, Hotel and Car rental all Booked!!

This is it I can just feel it. We will be transferring the 2 boys and possible 1 of the girl embryos from the PGD tested embryos we are matched with depending on how they do with the thaw. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ODA's ready to be notarized

So both of our Donors have now verbally agreed to the Open Donation agreements and we all have the final copies to get notarized and sent back in to the coordinator. Our Home study was suppose to be finished last week but they never received one of the reference letters that was sent and that was resent last week and it appears they have it now, so we are just waiting to get our copy of the home study to send over to the NEDC for review. So we are back on track and just in time, since I have my shots on Friday!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

BCI Done and Home Study Finished

My husbands BCI (State background Clearance) came back at exactly two weeks from submitting it and the social worker will have the home study finished tomorrow for us, so we are good to go. I just need to order my meds and then we will be good to go for this cycle. We still do not know what our donor reimbursement fees are going to be for their labs and shipping, so hopefully the extra we have will cover that. When people ask how I feel about trying a third time it really is neither way. I just feel like I am going with the Flow and have turned it all over to the Lord. I can just do the best I can to prepare my body and the Lord will do the rest. :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Still Pressing Forward

I heard sad news from a fellow NEDC patient that her second Beta had dropped drastically and I am just praying it was a lab mixup, since this was her second try with the NEDC. I just wish we all could be successful on our first try, but that is not always the case. I knoe a lot of past patients that the third try did it for them.

Where are we at?

Well we are waiting on some reference letters, a physician letter and hubby state background check and then our Home study update is done. We are hoping by next week that will be done and ready to send to the NEDC so we are good to go for March. We are awaiting to hear if our donors wanted to make any more changes to the open donation agreements before we get those notarized and completed. We have some questions into our donors about the results of testing they had performed on the embryos since the embryologist at the NEDC did not have a embryology report for the embryos. other than that I am on BCP (ugh) and putting together our plan for this transfer. We will be doing acupuncture, baby aspirin and an endometrial biopsy since it is our last try to do everything we can to help those embryos implant :)